Tuesday, November 21, 2006

25 Nov : Caferati read meet

If you are a member of Ryze you may give your RSVP here-


You may also give your RSVP here on Google board.

The details are as follow-

Bombay November Read Meet
Date- Nov. 25th 2006,
Time- 4.30 pm To 8.30 pm.
Venue- Committee Room, Ground floor, Administrative Building,
SNDT Women's University, Nathibhai Thackersy Road (Just ahead of USIS),
New Marine Lines.
Bombay, Mh, India

If you wish to read anything at the read meet, mail me the piece in advance
so I can make it a part of programme. Every reader gets 10 mins. So make
sure that what you intend to read fits into that time frame.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :)


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