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The Script, Issue 8. August 2007.

Dear Karishma Pais,

August brings in an early start to the Bombay festival scene with the Nehru Festival peaking off. Please contact Nehru Centre for exact details of schedule and plays. This month hindi theatre makes an impact with plays like Karode Main Ek, Ilhaam and Cotton56, Polyester 84 and much awaited Erendira and Nati Binodini.

On the QTP front, we are proud to announce a new chapter in our history. With the support of YES Bank we are bringing down a play from New York entitled To The Death of My Own Family. Also, we are back with more shows of The President is Coming and returning after a long hiatus, Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace. Apart from that, Thespo at Prithvi continues to showcase some new theatre talent. Our regular event, 'Great Texts' will be in full swing on the last Monday of August. We hope to see you there.

The following are the various QTP events:
7th & 8th August
- Thespo at Prithvi : Prithvi Theatre

As part of our efforts to promote Youth Theatre, we introduce Thespo at Prithvi on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month where young theatre-wallahs will get an opportunity to perform on the Prithvi stage.

: – 'Protest Theatre’ by Salim Arif from 3 pm : Prithvi House.
To register for the workshop, please conatct us on 98204 80583

Main Show: - Juloos at 9pm : Prithvi Theatre.
Presented by ‘Moksh’ Theatre Productions and directed by Khushboo Shroff.
The play is garbed in clown costume where characters from the circus represent particular fields bringing out the consumerism plaguing our society.
Originally Written by Badal Sircar.
Tickets – Rs.50/- only.

9th August at 6:30pm – NCPA Little Theatre : To The Death of My Own Family.
Our brand new play that we have been able to bring down from New York with the help of YES Bank.
A stunning truth told through the eyes of Nadeema, an Afghan-American woman who returns with her immigrant family to Afghanistan to help her father escape the ravages of war, only to witness the carnage of her entire family. This compelling story is not one of war or an individual.

Performed by Farah Bala.

Written by David Meth. Directed by Peter Ratray.
Entry is free. First Come First Serve.

11th August at 6:30pm – NGMA : To The Death of My Own Family
Donor Passes are priced Rs. 100/- Only.

12th August at 11am – Prithvi Theatre : To The Death of My Own Family
Tickets are priced Rs. 100/- Only.

21st & 22nd August

at 9pm Prithvi Theatre : Khatijabai of Karmali Terrace
It is back with a bang. Khatijabai, is a play about an orphan girl who grows to become the matriarch of one of the more powerful families in newly Independent India.

Starring Jayati Bhatia

Brilliantly layered…wonderful portrayal
West Side Plus, Mumbai.

– Time Out Mumbai.

Tickets are priced Rs. 50/- Only.

23rd August – Prithvi Theatre, 6 & 9pm: The President is Coming.
After the the resounding response to our newest play at NCPA Experimental and St. Andrew's Auditorium, we present more shows of Anuvab Pal's newly written farce about 6 characters short listed to meet the President of the United States.

'In a dog-eat-dog world of young competitors, reality television and short-lived fame, this comedy explores a day in the life of 9 people will stop at nothing because THE PRESIDENT IS COMING'

“Pal’s satire is refreshingly witty and sharp lends itself well to the stage with an intelligent mix of action, pace and dialogues.”

“Kunaal Roy Kapur’s treatment of the play is bright stylish and slick…..high dose of entertainment…succeeds in making the audience have a great time.”
“The effort is laudable for its subversion and its potential to spark very pertinent debates.”

- Mumbai Mirror

“Playwright Anuvab Pal’s entertaining slapstick comedy draws the guffaws… ”
"One particularly hilarious contender is Bangalore based Ramesh S (brilliantly portrayed by Namit Das).”
"The plays facile humour is also laced with irony and wit – after a first half of jibes at the US, the jokes take on satirical overtones.”

- Hindustan Times

An entertaining piece of work that was one of the better productions to emerge from January’s Writers’ Bloc festival”

“Pal’s inventiveness allows for buckets of dramatic potential that director Kunaal Roy Kapur exploits successfully.”
- Time Out Mumbai

Tickets are priced Rs. 200/- Only.

27th August
- 18 Anukool, 7:30pm: Great Text Reading.
: On the last Monday of each month people meet in Q's drawing room to read a play they may have heard of but not necessarily have read. Writer's come to see how the greats wrote, actors come to play multiple parts and theatre lovers come because it keeps them in touch with the art form. It is open all and everyone takes turns in playing characters from the play. Discussions ensue after over tea and biscuits.

In the month of August, we will be reading Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac - "The play talks of Cyrano, a Cadet in the French Army, is a brash, strong-willed man of many talents. In addition to being an incredible duelist, he is a remarkable poet and a musician. However, he has an extremely large nose, which is a target for his own self-doubt. This doubt prevents him from expressing his love for his cousin, the beautiful Roxane, as he believes that his ugliness forbids him to "dream of being loved by even an ugly woman."

We will be reading it on the 27th of August at 7:30pm at 18 Anukool, Sq. Ldr. Harminder Singh Marg, 7 Bungalows. Next to Daljit Gym. All are welcome. If you need directions call Himanshu on 26392688 or 9820356150.We hope to see you at these and many more events.

In this month's edition of The Script, we have a whole lot of auditions and workshops. Along with that, Dolly Thakore tells us of her experience on being a part of the selection panel of The Academy of Theatre Arts and Akanksha Gupta reviews the Jaimini Pathak's 'Arabian Night'.

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Happy reading.

Warm Regards,
On Behalf of Q Theatre Productions,

Editor, The Script.

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