Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trishna, Andheri, Mumbai


I had eaten the signature Butter Pepper Garlic Crab at Trishna in Fort a couple of years ago and still remember fondly, the perfect balance of sweet crab flesh mingled with the saltiness of Amul Butter and the bite of freshly crushed peppercorns. But I much preferred the overall taste of food at Gajalee not to mention the proximity.

On my most recent trip to Bombay I saw that Trishna had opened a branch in Andheri too. We were tired and exhausted from our traveling, but decided to stop in here and savour the food.

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Anonymous said...

Never been to Trishna though I stay in Andheri-West but yes, I find your blog interesting, informative as well as useful.

Kim said...

Thanks Hobo