Friday, February 24, 2006

English Play THE OPEN COUPLE : NCPA , 4 & 5th March

Bombay Theatre Company is staging shows of its highly successful
English play THE OPEN COUPLE , written by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo
& France Rame at NCPA Experimental theatre on 4th ( 7 pm ) & 5th
March ( 6.30 pm )

The Open Couple ( 90 mins , English Comedy Play )

A Comedy about a couple where the husband wants a " open
relationship " wherein he is free to see other women and claims to
accept the fact , if his wife also does the same. However it slowly
becomes clear that the arrangement works only from the husbands point
of view as long as he has other relationships but when his wife does
likewise he breaks down and wants to go back to the conventional
couple situation. When he discovers that his wife has an (invented)
lover, a Nobel Prize-winning nuclear physicist and rock musician, he
tries commits suicide with a hair-drier in the bath

Set in a lively environment , the play travels through a series of
flashbacks and sets the whole story in a extremely hilarious and yet
thinking style which bears the signature of Dario Fo all over.
Extremely entertaining and a bold play The Open Couple has been
performed by several groups all over the world and is now making its
debut in Bombay .

The Writers

World renowned and winner of the Nobel Prize, Dario Fo is well known
for his huge entertainment value coupled with apt social comment .
Franca Rame is his partner in writing and commands equally high
status. The couple has worked for the past several decades worldwide
and written , directed and enacted performances all over the world.


Director : Dinesh Singh

Production Designer : Shiekh Sami Usman


Nazneen Madan
Jagdish Rajpurohit

Tickets : Rs 150 available directly at NCPA

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