Saturday, February 11, 2006

The One Tree Music Festival

The One Tree Music Festival
Promoted & Produced by Oranjuice Entertainment & Fountain Head

Feb 11th
The Earth Wind & Fire Experience featuring Al McKay
Kool & The Gang

Had an absolutely brilliant time.

Courtesy a friend, we got passes for the Johnny Walker Lounge.

The entire expereince was very different form all the other concerts that I have attended. The previous ones being Rock & all.

There was hardly crowd of around 750 people. So there was no pushing, shoving & jostling. Entry was peaceful. Everyone was strolling around casually. Since no matter where you stood you could easily see the stage or the screen.

Being at the lounge was an added bonus. Free Johnny Walker cocktails or "On the Rocks" plus some bite sized munchies. But the biggest bonus was the cordoned off viewing gallery on either side of the Controls. Although it was a way off from the stage, it was slightly elevated & the platform on the left was, Hold Your Breath... Absolutely empty. Saw Sanjay Dutt on the Right Hand Side, so entire junta & press was in a feeding frenzy on the other side. But we had our own quiet private concert.

Preferred this lounge to the DNa organised ones which are to the left of the stage. But guess it isn't practical to have a lounge in the middle of your 7000/- & 5000/- rupee ticket holders.

Brilliant experience. Wish I could have watched the Blues Brothers tomorrow, but you'll soon find out why I couldn't.....

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