Saturday, February 25, 2006

Juhu Book Club Meets Altaf Tyrewala, Author of "No God in Sight"

I had exchanged a few mails with Sonya about the Juhu Book club. I was eager to meet other book lovers & thought that this was a good opportunity.

She told me, they were reading Altaf Tyrewala's, "No God in Sight"

Time Out Readers would be familiar with his name. He has previously written about his uncle's bookstore & the Chetan Bhagath phenomenon.

Since this was my first Meeting with the club, I wasn't sure what to expect. Intellectual high-brows, Society chatterati, bored housewives, young preppy kids... But the chance of meeting the author was not one to be easily ignored.

And I am so glad that I went. The group is quite informal and all share a love of books. Quite a few are writers too, struggling to get their writings in print or established journalists. It was a good group & I knew that this was one Book Club, I would love to be a member of. Provided they didnt make me read "Roots" or "Papillon". These are 2 books I've started reading over 20 times & given up each time, sometimes even as far as 300 pages down the line.

It was good to be able to interact with Altaf himself. He immediately endeared himself to me when he recognised my name as one of the finalists of the Caferati Flash Fiction Contest He furthered it when he said that as one of the judges, he had fought hard for my story A mild mannered gentleman he was actually apologising when anyone said that there was something they couldn't agree with him on.

A lot of the members, felt the book was depressing especially since it mirrored harsh realities that take place in front of us, just that we do our best to turn our eyes away. "No God in Sight" drags your sight right back.

Altaf said that the journey to publishing wasn't as hard as it sometimes is because "The abortionists" voice had been printed in the newspaper early on & interest was evinced by the necessary powers that be. He also said that very often he reached dead ends with the tale and had to go back and start all over again.

Very often when we read a book, we don't realise how much the author has to struggle to get his words out right & to get printed & picked up off the bookshelves.

We ended by deciding that the next months book would be Philip Pullman. The first or the entire Darkman Trilogy.

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My take : It was a very different style of writing & that itself was an instant draw. The plot seems to underline helplessness in everyone's life when there truly seems to be No God in Sight. Its not a dark view of life, but a realistic one.


Prof. M. Hasan said...

I am reading once again Altaf Tyerwall's 'No God in Sight.'very incisive and worth remembering fast perception and one liners. I could peep through his novel the inner world of Mumbai not yet captured by Salman Rashdie and Suketu Mehta, i suppose. Death of mother in Mecca and Islam's definition given by the old man of 90 and above on deathbed are touching and revealing: 'Muslim's life partitioned into five parcels in a day before he is borne' is a good summary of our lives beyond control. Has he written some more fictions? Glad to join your club and keep me informed. Wonderful idea.
I wish I get his telephone/email address and invite him to Jaipur in our circle. Can you help us.

Prof. M. Hasan, Jaipur, (0141)2591786/Mob. 09829296086

Kim said...

Dear Prof Hasan,
I am currently in Egypt & can't help u on Altaf's current contact details.

U can contact Sonia on

She will be able to help u since she organised this meeting.

He is currenlty in the process of writing his 2nd book.

My Perception said...

Hi ,I am looking forward to join the book club,if it still exists?

Anonymous said...

Can i join??