Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heritage Bus Rides

The MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) runs 2 heritage bus rides each on Saturday & Sunday at 7PM & 8:15PM.

They advertise it as "Sit on an open-roofed double decker bus & enjoy South Mumbai's Heritage District"

The Upper deck costs 90/- per person & the lower costs 40/- per person.

Realistically what can you expect ?
Currently on a power saving trip, most of the monuments are no longer lit up at night, thus defying the very purpose of this ride.
Catch the bus at India Gate, go past The Taj, Elphinstone College, David Sasson Library, Watson Hotel, Oval Maidan, down to Nariman Point, then up Marine Drive, turn in at Churchgate, take a detour to VT, cruise past the Horniman Circle & the Asiatic & you are back to where you started in an hour (traffic permitting)

Its a good ride to quickly see all the major monuments of South Mumbai. Don't expect to be able to take pictures, because the bus only halts at Red Lights & in traffic jams. Don't go expecting to get a quick dose of history from your guide to enthuse you into more heritage. The guide has some decent material but the apathy shows through quite clearly in the toneless voice.

Do go, if u have come to Bombay on a short trip & have a few hours free in the evening & want a quick trip around. If you prefer to learn about the buildings attend one of the many heritage walks referred to on other parts of this blog of mine.

You can buy tickets any time during the day at the MTDC booth at the Gateway. Go early because seat numbers are marked on the ticket.

A small tip : The best seats are towards the left half of the bus and mid way through, not up front. You get unrestricted views from these. On the top deck of course.

For details 2202 6713

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