Friday, March 10, 2006

I love Juhu

Sonya's blog on Juhu has this beautiful article on what all can be done in Juhuu. Its a brillieant peice & a shortened version was published in Timeout Mumbai on January 14th 2006.

Read the entire article which covers
The mini Gandhi ashram, the temples, the tanks, the Bollywood homes, Chandan Cinema, Juhu Beach, The ISKCON Temple Complex, The Centre for Arts and Crafts, Bharat Scouts and Guides Grounds, Prithvi Café, Mahesh Lunch Home & The Original Naturals Ice Cream Outlet.

A must read article this !

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navin harish said...

In Bombay if you notice, you will see a lot of ice-cream vendors on a trolley of four wheels selling ice cream. The name of most of those trolleys start with the word "Mewad". If you are in Bombay, you have to have one of these. The falood and ice cream is delicious.