Monday, March 13, 2006

Petals, Toil and Business on Dadar's Phulgalli

In this congregated mass of humanity there is colour so vibrant and aromas so powerful that it would match that of any perfumery in the world. Eyes drown in the colour and your nose in the fragrance of a million flowers all stacked in baskets in multitude. A kaleidoscope for your senses. Dadar's Phulgalli (flower-lane) takes your traditional Bombay smells of sweat, toil, paint, iron and turns them into the smell of marigolds. Wipe your brow and you find petals in addition to sweat.

Bombay's entire economy is pinned around one ability- the ability to move its mammoth population from their suburban homes to their work places in the city. This is down to Bombay's local train system which, with a miraculous efficiency, it is believed that it carries 6.1 million people a day. Where millions pass, commerce generally follows. I would describe it as a mobile mall. Each station has its bazaar and each bazaar its speciality.

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