Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Open Couple - Reviewed

The invitation to view "The Open Couple" was quite tantalising being a Dario Fo play and all.

It read
"A Comedy about a couple where the husband wants an "open relationship" wherein he is free to see other women and claims to accept the fact, if his wife also does the same. However it slowly becomes clear that the arrangement works only from the husbands point of view as long as he has other relationships but when his wife does likewise he breaks down and wants to go back to the conventional couple situation"

Having Recently watched Unprecedented Distasters like "Plane Crazy Bout Love", we had sworn off the Comedy genre in India. We have even walked out of a couple of
"comedies" earlier because they were so pitifully presented. Either their timing was off completely or it was just a disaster on stage.

Hence we have been sticking to serious theatre for the last few years by recognised groups. Since we live close to Prithvi, it has been quite easy.

But "Open Couple" restored our faith in Comedy in Indian Theatre. We did enjoy the show.

The play evolves through flashbacks & at points the 2 lead characters converse directly at the audience. (Not interactive, but directed towards the audience)

Nazneen Madan had some Lengthy Dialogues. At times they were completely effortless, although she did struggle at times to make them sound natural. Jagdish had limited
dialogues, but his facial expressions were always bang on. Too often actors do not react to what is going on, around them on stage. His appearance from the bathroom wrapped in a multicolored towel & his wife's shower cap on his head & hair dryer in hand in a bid to commit suicide had the entire audience in splits.

I wouldn't say it was an excellent production, but it was a very good try & much, much, much better than a lot of trash coming out in the name of "Comedy."

Why do corporates give those trashy wannabe's sponsorship while avoiding Quality Theatre? {Will rant on this later. Its another pet peeve of mine.}

To sum up I think a quote from the "Hero" Jagdish is appropriate "It is actually the magic by the writers Dario Fo & Franca Rame who are amazxing with their language and flow of script.....We have had amazing response each time we have performed and standing there on stage I have learnt to filter the sounds from the audience where the loudest laughter comes from women ! :) This was also the observation of all groups who have performed worldwide over these last 25 years ....amazing na ?"

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Jagdish Rajpurohit said...

Hi Kim

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I would be lying if I did not say that I was very pleased to read your comments.

As a artiste, it is a wonderful exprerience, to get such feedback and encouragement. In todays scenario wherein there is a huge amount of clutter and choices available to audiences, if we can take some space in the minds of the audience it definately pleases us all .

We are already working on our second production and are in the process of finalizing the play which we shall do after Open Couple. I hope we are fortunate to find good plays and be able to bring them before everyone soon.

Thank you once again ,

Jagdish Rajpurohit