Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Zoom Holi Party

Got an Invitation from Zoom to party with Abhishek. Wonder which Abhisehk they were talking about since the Bacchan dude had mentioned to papers earlier in the week that he would not be in Mumbai during Holi.

Anyway, we decided to go. Since a party was any day better than me putting fight to make puranpolis, gujiyas & puri's at home.

We quickly took out our clothes kept aside earlier in the year especially to be rendered useless on "Holi"

Entry to "Sun n Sand" was a bit chaotic. The invite had asked everyone to "Come at 10 and wear your Whitest Whites" Most people only took the second half seriously. While others wore the whites that no Tide or Ariel or Surf could get up to advertised whiteness.

There were lots of tubs of colored powder around and fortunately they were of the natural variety. There was a central area where water was being sprayed, kinda like a rain dance.

Lots of TV stars around, no film stars at all unless you could count Rahul Roy who walked in around 3OClock with Paromita Katkar....

Of course a lot of stars were unrecognisable in wet clothes {grin} and colours all over them. The Zoom site has photos up if you are interested. Just realised the geeky kid with glasses was actually Amit Sana.

Pooja Bedi was on the dance floor non stop in a clingy sari & virtually non existent blouse. Guess Zoom had given her a decent deal to be wet and wild from start to finish.

There was Thandai (not laced with Bhang) and an open bar for those who needed bolstering of spirits. A chaat counter which was serving vodka gol guppas, and whisky infused bhel & other such intoxicating sounding items. Decent kebabs & salads and tawa stuff. The main course wasnt too great but the desserts were great. Guess will have to go back to Sun n Sand to eat at their regular restaurants.

Couple of firang models were hired to ensure that people (read Men) stayed at the watery end of the floor. Who were then seen pichkaring thandai into open mouths.

Decent time. No worries of untoward behaviour. Came home took a bath. colors came off in 2 scrubs. Then had the most dreamless sleep ever. Wonder if I'll be able to get any work done tomorrow either.

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